Wipe face properly Stay look young

Wipe your face properly otherwise before time you see as old

Our face is the greatest attraction of personalities! Therefore, it will be beneficial if you take proper care while washing and wiping the face.

Use cold or warm water

Many people use hot water to clean her face it is harmful to skin it make skin dry and causes wrinkles to skin So wash the face with lukewarm water or cold water.


Use face wash

That is the big questions to use the soap or not.If you can wash the face with soap that may cause to damage your skin.Skin is became a dry so use of Face wash is very beneficial.


Before sleep wash the face

Many of people do not wash face before sleep.On whole day face faces with dust,dirt so our skin poresare closes ,skin can not breath properly n that’s  why skin will be dried These are all early signs of aging.



Do scrub in once a week Scrubbing is not only needed for women but also for every skin. Men scribbles well, bearded well and dead cells go out of face. It also makes the face color bright.


Do not rub the face!

Rub the face very fastly after doing face wash is very wrong.Dry your face very slowely our skin is very fragile.if you rub skin hardly .it may damage skin cells

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