Knowledge without implementation is garbage-motivation speech

We all pretty much know everything. About success. We know all the routes.Which we need to follow to be successful. But the question is why aren’t we successful.

Do you know. Only one percent of the people on the earth. Are successful or they consider themselves successful.

Question is What about the rest. What happened to those ninety nine percent of the people.

I’d like to tell you very small story which might answer this question.

You know there was a guy. Who wanted to swim him but he was very afraid of swimming.He was very afraid off water.He was very apprehensive.He thought.If he would jump into the water. He would never come out.
I would never come out.
So he never did.The jump into the water.So he used to sit beside a swimming pool. And watch people swim.

There was one guy. Who observe him. Any often My dear friend I’ve always seen you sitting beside. The swimming pool and watch people swim why don’t use one.

He said I’m very afraid, very apprehensive of a water. I don’t know how to swim so I know if I jump into the water.

I’m not gonna come out. He said I have an idea for you. Why don’t you read some books. On swimming.

He’s that. That’s a wonderful idea and we do that. He went to the market and bought  one hundred books on swimming. And you’ve read through all the books just in a week.But he was still not confident not confident.

He met the same person again.Until then the story.

Now this person said all right.I have another solution for you.Why don’t you watch.Some swimming competition on television.

He liked the idea.You know what it it he locked himself inside the room switched on the television and for one long month.He watching swimming competitions.

After one month he was still confident so confident about the swimming he opened the door went to the market bought us some cost you want it and then jumped into the water


But the question is did he come out.     Did he come out.
Did he come out.

No….then you are wrong.

He was brought out. He was taken out of the water. So the point is. Knowing is knowing. and doing is doing.

In short Knowledge without implementation is garbage.




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