Forget windows admin password then try this

Forget windows password then try this Hiren boot cd 15.1 with mini windows 7 iso free.this is most popular dvd now a days .using this dvd we can solved lot of windows problem in one click .HBCD have  lot of tools and its totally free of cost.this ISo came from boo-table format just burn iso in DVD or create boo-table  USB pen drive as well as.

after booting  Options screen will appear we can choose the correct option and we can troubleshoot the problem.

in this DVD bundled providing tools like Antivirus tools,Backup Tools ,

mini bootable operating system like Windows Xp,Windows 7.BIOS CMOS Tools,Browsers and File Managers, top brand cleaner available like McAfee .

also have MBR (Master Boot Record) Tools,Hard Disk Tools for bad sectors removal,partition creation and more.

FileSystems Tool,Editors / Viewers,Device Driver Tools and main offline admin password remove also available in this bundle


Download hiren boot cd
*if mini windows 7 not in cd comment here I will give alternative  link

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