Windows 7 won’t boot after replacing new motherboard

Hi need a help ..due to motherboard issue replace with new motherboard after change with new windows 7 wont be boot just windows logo come and restart .my old motherboard is Intel DG31 pr and  new motherboard is Asus H81 ,I understand issue of AHCI drivers so I am copy drivers form motherboard cd which is come with motherboard  and load drivers  successfully but still face same problem.


able to clean installation solve this issue but some important software running on so cant reinstall.

Any one have a solution please leave reply.
Thanks in advance…

Solution  :- 
-First Copy AHCI drivers form Motherboard cd 32 bit or 64 bit which windows 7 operating system of existing .Copy this folder in pen drive.

Now need a  Windows 7 install disc insert and boot from disc ,after boot  select your language then hit on Next

Now “Install now” window appear just click At the left bottom option that says “repair the computer”.

“load drivers” windows appear Now plug the USB stick and click on “Load Driver ”option after click open Explorer Windows just got to USB stick and copy driver folder and past in Windows OS drive( In my scenario my OS drive showing D so i am paste this folder in D drive )

close this window ..close load driver window then closing  window System recovery options windows appear ( take some time to appear)

Choose a Command prompt

Command prompt showing path

Just onward type this command   dism /image:D:\ /add-driver /Driver:D:\32bit\  /recurse

Note In my Scenario  Windows 7 installation drive is D  also i am copy this folder in D drive so my folder path is D:\32bit\  so first check your windows installation and change .

then press enter after done the installation Type Exit
then Click on restart.

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