Hack Windows 7 (Become Admin) without using tool software

Reset from guest account windows 7 .admin password break without any Software .hack windows 7 administrator password free.

If forgot admin password then try below method and reset password easily without  use any software.


Hack windows 7 admin password hack without any Software.

IF trying to login with password and not able to login then

1) hold on the power key As long as the system is not shutdown .

2)Now power on system using power button if system gone to safe mode then use no 1 option again .as long as system not coming Startup recovery mode.

3) Now choose start up recovery mode .when Do you want to restore your computer using system restore window appear click on Cancel.

4) Attempting to repair process will start  this process take 8 to 10 min to completed so take Patience.

5)Startup repair cannot repair this computer windows automatically window appear
now click on View problem details move last there click on the  link under If the online privacy statement is not available .

6)Go to file click on open after notepad file opened

7) open windows 7(system file installed) installation drive C or D

8) go to windows >system 32 here find the Utilman and  rename to utilmanold  .then find cmd copy the cmd and paste in same folder .cmd-copy shown after cmd copy in same folder so rename cmd-copy not cmd to utilman afte done this exit and restart the system.

9) Login screen appear after restart the system. click on  in left side shown Easy access button.

10) Type a command when command prompt window appear command is    control userpasswords2  press enter

11)user account window appear here  user appear click on user which want to reset password  and click on reset password option leave blank password or which you want and click on OK . close the command prompt window .

now you can  login successfully .

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