#TotalDhamaal Official Trailer | Ajay devgan | Anil kapoor

#TotalDhamaal is the wildest adventure comedy ever.

After Guddu & Jonny, small time conmen gets double-crossed of their illegal booty.

By their own colleague Daddu starts a mad crazy adventure between Guddu-Jonny & 3 other groups.

i.e Avinash & Bindu – an bickering couple about to be divorced; Lallan & Jhingur – Fire officers turned offenders & two weird siblings Aditya & Manav after they disagree to distribute the booty equally.

Total Dhamaal Official Trailer , Ajay Devgn. Save The Date. In Cinemas on 22nd February 2019.

And the madness & the craziness of the biggest franchise of laughter continues….


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