Unforeseen diseases due to mobile waves

Today mobile is an integral part of your life.But due to this mobile you have to face some disadvantages.

Some Electromagnetic waves come out of the mobile.Various changes occurs through these waves and

The senses reach out to our the brain.

According to the, various signals reach different organs through the brain.

Electromagnetic waves coming out of mobile and will affect the body.

Today, to know about it …


1) Today, children play more games on mobile phones. This reduces the concentration of the child, the ability of the new learning and the eclipse.

2)Speaking lots of time on the phone is definitely dangerous.If you want to talk more time on the phone, use headphones.Keep the phone as long as from the body.if possible,Use the Bluetooth headset.

3)Due to high speed magnetic waves effects on the eyes(Inflammation of the eyes) Or there is a possibility of cataract related disorders.

4)Many people have the habit, keep a phone near the head when a sleep.This habit makes a People’s sleep is diminished.

5)The excessive use of mobile also occurs on chromosomes and hormones of men and women. The resultant impotency can also occur.

6)By using the cell phone on one side for speak , there may also be diseases like brain tumors.

7)Due to excessive use of the phone, the possibility of fatigue, deterioration, dizziness, nausea, and stomach discomfort can not be ruled out.

8)In some time feel like phone is ringing but it is not happened it says like ringtone enzytee.

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