Desktop icon change to .lnk remove sucessfuly(virus)

One of my users desktop only programms icons links listed in all programs have turned into  .lnk files.   Hp scanner program convert into Hp Scanning.lnk (detailed screen shot given below) Whenever  try to open   Hp scanner program  opens followed by an error box stating the HP scanner cant run this type of file.  but can access all  programs by going to C>program files or Documents.   Operating system running Windows 7 Professional .

Screenshot of .lnk desktop

How To solve follow below steps

1.Go to Registry using Run command . or search bar
2.In run regedit command
3.HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\software\microsoft\windows\currentvershion\explorer\fileExts\ for .lnk ext.
5.delete hole .lnk key or delete the userchioce key on that.

6 Restart System.

it will definitely work.

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