NsCpuCNMiner32 NsCpuCNMiner64 cpu usage 100 computer work very slowly -windows 7 -Atharav computer

How to fix it  After booting Windows 7  no response it  was running or working to  when open a  task manager it shows CPU USAGE-100….,there’s a file named-NsCPUCNMiner32.exe and NsCPUCNMiner64.exe which is consuming  full cpu….

Below snap of cpu usages and location of this virus.

location of this virus :- C: \Users\test(Indicate ur local user)\AppData\Roaming



If want to Delete this file its not possible .

causes in this case:-

– system infected by Worm

How to solve:-

Remove this worm just download Microsoft  security Essential .install it (need a internet connectivity  because



Security essential need a latest virus definition)

after update latest definition of security essential Run Quick scan

Below snap shot of quick scan


Complete scan go to history tab there show virus history and action
Important  after completed all process delete this NsCpuCNMiner32 NsCpuCNMiner64  files from location , Now you can easily delete these files then  restart the system its necessary for takes effect.
 these problem solve successfully .same problem i am facing but after do all these i getting success.

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